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Best medical scrubs are nothing but comfortable sanitary clothing that is worn by nurses, physician, surgeons, and other worker in the medical field. The scrubs are designed to promote a clean environment and wearing a outside clothing gives a unwanted pathogen.

It plays a big role in day to day function which is easy to clean and also to easy to slip on and off. It is easy to launder and it can be replaced as the price is very cheap.

You can get scrub pant and scrub top with various color and sizes.

Here is the list of Best Medical Scrubs

1. Cherokee Workwear V-neck 2 pocket top

It is V-neck scrub top that withstand numerous washing and it is durable. The scrub top has two roomy pocket to keep your accessories. There is totally 3 pockets with two patch pocket and a cell phone pocket.

The clothing has the material of 65% polyester, 35% cotton poplin with soil release, white 55% cotton and 45% polyester poplin.

The Cherokee 4700 comes with different color and offers you a comfortable fit.

2. Natural uniform unisex two piece solid scrub set

It is a V-neck top that two front drawstring and elastic back waist. There is two patch pockets on the top and two side seam pant pocket.

The material has the ratio of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. You can avail different colors on the scrub set with various sizes available. There is also embroidery option for the scrub set and it is suitable for long time wear.

Natural uniform set T1010 is a ideal wear for men and women in the medical section.

3. Cherokee Workwear 4-pocket pull-on cargo scrub pant

The stylish cherokee workwear-4 pocket pant gives a traditional and easy waist fit. Cargo scrub pant has a elastic waist as well as a convenient cell phone pocket. There are many colors available and it has a convenient cell phone pocket.

Scrub pant has tapered leg and the material is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton poplin. Cherokee 4200 cargo pant has your favorite color and sizes for your medical wear.

4. Cherokee Workwear Drawstring Flare-leg scrub pant

The Cherokee drawstring pant has elastic back for better comfort and there is roomy pocket to keep your accessories. You can get side vent at the bottom of the flare leg and slash front pockets as well as one back patch pocket.

Scrub pant has the material of 65% polyester and 35% cotton poplin with soil release. It is ideal for every day wear and get the pant with various color and sizes

Cherokee pant 4101 color stays for a long after several washes.

5. Grey’s Anatomy Classic 5 Pocket Drawstring Pant

The Grey’s Anatomy pant 4232 is a luxurious scrub pant with 5 pocket that has waist and elastic back surround in comfort for all day long. It is a super soft fabric that has front slash pockets with one instrumental pocket. There is grey’s anatomy logo on back pocket and tagless label inside.

You can get the scrub pant in different color and sizes. The material has the ratio of 77% off polyester and 23% of rayon.

6. Grey’s Anatomy 3 Pocket Mock Wrap Top

This is a soft and revolutionary fabric where you can feel comfortable for the whole shift. There is roomy patch pockets that makes this fully functional. Grey’s Anatomy top has a banded empire waist with side seam tabs where there is adjustable button closure at the back.

Grey’s Anatomy 4153 has center back length of 25 1/2″ and has the material of 77% polyester and 23% of rayon.

7. Cherokee Workwear Unisex Drawstring Cargo Scrub Pant

It is the best scrub pant where it is made of polyester and cotton. Cherokee Workwear scrub pant 4100 has a comfy drawstring waist and has multipurpose pocket for your accessories.

The inseam come in regular, short and tall. The scrub pant has the combination of 65% polyester and 35% cotton poplin with soil release.

8. Grey’s Anatomy Urban Drawstring Waist 4 Pocket Cargo pant

It is a super soft fabric with straight leg and has moisture wicking properties to keep you cool and comfortable. There two roomy front pocket and one side cargo packet make these pant functional. This cargo pant has a modern drawstring waist with back elastic and the material is made of 77% polyester and 23% rayon.

Get grey’s anatomy 4245 with different sizes and various color available.

9. Grey’s Anatomy Athletic 3 Pocket Logo Waist Pant

It is a 3 pocket scrub pant that makes you to stay comfy throughput the day. You can get a exact fit and keep all your accessories in the 3 pocket. The scrub pant clothing is made of 77% polyester and 23% rayon.

Grey’s Anatomy scrub pant 4275 has different color and sizes.

10. Cherokee Workwear Flex V-neck Tops with certainty

It is a high quality workwear Flex that is made from durable and long lasting material. The cherokee Workwear Flex V-neck 44700 protects from bacteria and there is two roomy patch pocket where you can keep cell phone pocket, scissor pocket as well as instrument loop.

The scrub top Cherokee 44700 has 65% polyester and 35% cotton stretch twill. You can also get embroidery design which is optional with various sizes available.

11. Cherokee WorkWear Core Stretch Cargo Scrub Pant

The Cherokee Scrub Pant 4044 offers all day comfort with the elastic back and drawstring waist. There is also roomy pocket for your accessory and the material of 55% cotton, 42% polyester and 3% spandex. It is a flare leg and grab the scrub pant with different sizes and color.

12. WonderWink Four Stretch Cargo Pant

It is a boot cut cargo pant with full elastic WonderWink drawstring waist. WonderWink cargo pant W5214 is made of 100% polyester and with comfy four stretch fabric, back patch pocket, cargo pocket, two front pocket and side comfort.

You can do the work in a comfortable manner and gives you correct fit.

13. Cherokee Workwear Snap Front Warm Up Jacket

The round neck jacket Cherokee 4350 has two patch pocket, cell phone pocket, side vent, knit cuffs. It is a crew neck that has material made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton poplin with soil release.

The medium centre back length has the size of 7 3/4″ and there are various color available.

14. WonderFlex Faith Multi-Pocket Cargo Pant

It is a comfortable stretch fabric with six pocket to carry your stuff. The cargo pant WonderFlex W5108 has triple needle stitching at the pocket opening and there is bungee loop on the back pocket.

Get full elastic waist for your comfort and it is made of material like 52% cotton, 45% polyester and 3% spandex.

15. Koi Lindsey Cargo Scrub Pant

It is lasts longing easy fit low rise pant with adjustable drawstring waist, multi-needle stitching, D-ring and multiple pockets including scissor. This scrub pant is a figure balancing boot-cut leg with adjustable toggle at hem.

Koi lindsey cargo pant 701 has 55% cotton and 45% of polyester. You can get extra petite length in certain colors and it gives you best comfort while doing the work.

You can get all types of scrub top and scrub pant according to your needs with different kind of material available. There are many new style available on scrub top and pant to give a cute look.

Medical Professionals and Scrubs

Scrubs Set

It’s not a coincidence that dress codes at hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities and private practices around the country all include nursing scrubs among their requirements for medical uniforms. Scrubs are truly the standard when it comes to attire for medical professionals, and there are many reasons why they are the preferred attire to wear along with medical accessories and nursing shoes. Here are some of the many benefits of medical uniforms for health professionals:

Comfort Nursing scrubs are incredibly comfortable when you choose styles that are correctly sized and made with fine quality materials. Since many health care professionals work long hours, scrubs are often preferred due to the comfort that they offer.

Ease of Movement When nursing scrubs fit properly, they don’t limit movements, making it easier to lift, shift and move patients. They also don’t hold you back from moving quickly when you need to respond to emergency situations.

Protection The fabric from which nursing scrubs are made provides an effective barrier against body fluids and potentially harmful chemicals that you may come in contact with while on the job.

Easy to Clean Medical scrubs are very simple to launder, which is important as medical uniforms must be washed regularly to keep them hygienic.

Professional Image Nursing scrubs simply have a more professional look than other types of apparel. When you wear nursing scrubs, you help to instill confidence in your patients and project a professional image that reflects positively on you and your employer.

Clearly, there’s just no substitute for nursing scrubs for medical professionals, and if you want to get the very best pieces for medical uniforms, there’s no substitute for We are the number one source for nursing shoes, medical accessories, uniforms and scrubs because of our large selection, knowledgeable staff and affordable prices. Stop into our online uniform store to get great deals on great medical uniforms.