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MDF MD One Dual head handcrafted Pediatric Stethoscope


MDF MD One, the premier pediatric diagnostic stethoscope delivers unparalleled auscultation precision with unmatched sound clarity. Handcrafted with acoustically superior stainless steel, it is built for extended use and exceptionally durable. The precision engineered hand polished stainless steel dual head chestpiece is fitted with ultrasensitive pediatric tunable diaphragm and pediatric bell. Thicker, PVC, latex free acoustic tubing provides excellent insulation for superior sound transmission. The top of the range MDF MD One

  • Pediatric stethoscope confirms to eco-friendly standards.
  • Non-chill rim for patient comfort
  • Soft sealing eartips
  • Pre-angled stainless steel dual-leaf headset
  • Acoustic pyramid chamber
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