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ADC Pocket Otoscope/Opthalmoscope Set


The pocket size portable Otoscope and Ophthalmoscope set includes full featured 2.5V pocket otoscope, 2.5V pocket ophthalmoscope. Two power handles with AA batteries, disposable 5 ADC specula and spare Xenon lamps one for each instrument. The Pocket Otoscope features fiber optics, 2.5v Xenon or AdLED lamp, Wide angle swivel lens and Insufflator port to name a few. The pocket Ophthalmoscope offers Multiple aperture, 19 focusing lenses with -20 to +20 diopters range, illuminated magnified lens dial, brow rest and more features in a small, compact portable form.

  • Battery handles with pocket clip and an integrated on / off power switch
  • Hard storage case for easy and safe portability
  • Lifetime optics warranty and 1 year instrument warranty
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